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Directionality attribute

From: Frédéric WANG <fred.wang@free.fr>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 20:57:18 +0100
Message-ID: <4B40F69E.40004@free.fr>
To: "www-math@w3.org" <www-math@w3.org>
Happy New Year to all MathML folks,

    I've just had a look to the new "directionality" feature of MathML 3 
and I've some remarks:
- In section 3.2.2, it is indicated that "MathML includes two 
mathematics style attributes as well as a directionality attribute valid 
on all presentation token elements, and on no other elements except 
mstyle.", but apparently they are all valid on the <math/> element and 
dir is also valid on <mrow/>, according to what is said elsewhere and 
according to the RelaxNG schema.

- Moreover, if I read the RelaxNG schema correctly, the dir attribute is 
included in TokenAtt, itself included in mglyph.deprecatedattributes. 
Hence the <mglyph/> can theorically have a directionality. However, this 
seems to be a mistake in the schema since the spec says nothing about 
this possibility.

- Finally, it seems that allowing dir on the token element <mspace/> is 
useless, because this element is empty.

Frédéric Wang
Received on Sunday, 3 January 2010 19:55:24 UTC

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