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New version of Formulator MathML editor, cross-platform edition

From: Hermitech Laboratory <info@mmlsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 11:35:08 +0200 (EET)
Message-ID: <11054.>
To: www-math@w3.org

I’d like to announce a new release of Formulator MathML Suite. I hope it would
be helpful, since we managed to port our software to Linux/MS Windows/Mac OS X
(many thanks to Qt library). Please find more details below and on our site

This time Hermitech makes available two sequential versions (3.9 and 4.0) at once.

(1) Ver. 3.9 includes our usual full suite of MathML tools for MS Windows
  - free mathematical equation editor Formulator MathML Weaver
  - tools for software development: editor (Formulator ActiveX Control) and
render (Formulator API)

Main changes includes:
  - rendering is much better than in earlier versions (GDI+ engine,
anti-aliasing support)
  - visual editing of Content MathML is considerably improved (more settings
available, keyboard input is smarter, etc.)

(2) Ver. 4.0 is presented (as yet) by free mathematical equation editor
Formulator MathML Weaver for Linux/MS Windows/Mac OS X

Main changes includes:
  - new OS’s are supported: Linux and Mac OS X
  - all improvements of 3.9 version (better support for Content MathML, improved
rendering, etc.)
  - simple calculations for Content MathML formulas (numbers, linear algebra, etc.)

Our nearest plans are to release cross-platform MathML tools for software
development, and maybe to shift/branch our editor towards computer algebra
software. We will be grateful for any feedback, especially from users of newly
supported Linux and Mac OS X.

Best regards,
Vyacheslav Levytskyy

Hermitech Laboratory
7, Chapaeva str.,
Zhytomyr, 10029
Web: http://www.mmlsoft.com
E-mail: info@mmlsoft.com
Fax: +38-0412-480198
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