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From: Professor James Davenport <jhd@cs.bath.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 21:35:25 +0100
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A Russian colleague to whom I showed comments as follows.

>> I am a bit confused because "mediumrightright" which is supposed
>> to be used in Russia is not present when you go by the link
>> to the examples.
He is right: the examples have mediumstackedrightright, which I believe is
what is meant, and should be changed.
>> But at school I was taught "mediumstackedrightright"
>> while my sisters, who are older, I believe were taught
>> "shortstackedrightright".
Which should therefore be described as Russian as well.
>> And yes, we used comma in place of the decimal point, but not
Logically, the choice of separator is orthogonal, of course.
>> on line 7 (no separator was used there at all).
Indeed. I (English) was taught "lefttop but with no stop on line 7" as
school, and my mother (I think) introduced me to the 'device' of inserting
that stop, but in pencil so as not to annoy the teachers.

Hence I suspect that the stop on line 7 has to be a parameter of the layout.

>> And I have no idea how they do these things presently.
Nor of course, do I. But I expect we can find out if necessary.

James Davenport
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