Hello MathML Community,

While learning TeX and MathML, I wrote a one page website
that covers a range of mathematical formulas, I use the web-page
for testing some of a browser's MathML (presentation Markup)
capabilities.  It might be of use to others, so here it is:


The equations are shown in 3 forms:
(all hyperlinked to the code that generated them)

1) an image the TeX presentation
2) an image of the MathML representation using STIX Beta fonts on Firefox 3.5
3) the present browser's representation of the equation using MathML

This way a person can see how TeX (produces a very good representation of
mathematical equations) compares with MathML on Firefox 3.5 using STIX beta
fonts, and how these both compare with their present browser's MathML

The page validates as 'XHTML 1.1 plus MathML 2.0', validates as 'CSS level 2.1'
and the page passes the WAI automatic tests

Included on the web-page are a few useful links and some notes about lessons
I learned while making the web-page.

Feel free to make any Comments / suggestions / corrections.