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a couple of things about IE

From: Richard William Kaye <kayerw@for.mat.bham.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 00:28:00 -0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: <62941.>
To: www-math@w3.org

Dear all,

I have just been tearing hair out trying to trace a problem
with a web page that doesn't display property in IE+MathPlayer
but is fine in Firefox: turns out that my file was UTF-8 encoded
and did NOT have the Byte Order Mark (EF BB BF) at the beginning.
It did have a proper XML declaration including a correct definition
of the encoding.  When I added a BOM my display problems all went
away. Anyone know why?

Anyway, in case others have the same problem, I thought you might
like to know that despite the fact the BOM is NOT manditory for
UTF-8, IE DOES require it.

By the way, there's another entertaining embarrassment for
someone:  It seems that IE7 (with or without MathPlayer)
fails completely to display http://www.w3.org/
At least that's what I discovered tonight.  (I had to switch
to Firefox to confirm from the specs that the BOM is not
required for UTF-8 :)  I cannot explain this one either.

Good night!

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