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Formulator 3.7 MathML Suite is released

From: Hermitech Laboratory <hermitech@ztu.edu.ua>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 16:05:02 +0300
Message-ID: <450BF67E.8000904@ztu.edu.ua>
To: www-math@w3.org


I'm glad to announce a new release of an interactive mathematical 
expressions editor (mathematical typesetting software) by Hermitech 
Laboratory (http://www.hermitech.ic.zt.ua).

Formulator 3.7 MathML Suite 

I. mathematical expressions editing (based on MathML 2.0)
    a) standalone editions
         Formulator MathML Weaver           (shareware)
         Formulator Express                 (freeware)
    b) component editions
         Formulator ActiveX Control         (shareware)
         Formulator Express ActiveX Control (freeware)

II. plug-ins (freeware)
         Formulator MathML IE Performer (plug-in for Internet Explorer)
         Formulator plug-in for Altova XMLSpy

III. support of mathematics learning activities (freeware)
         Formulator Tarsia

The main improvements are the following:

1. Visual creating and editing of MathML 2.0 Content and Mixed markup. 
(The previous versions had already support of Content markup, but before 
it was too limited to be useful.)

2. Advanced MathML 2.0 editing features (on-the-fly editing of MathML 
node properties, "MathML Tree", "MathML Text", "XHTML" editing modes).

3. Better import/export features (EMF is supported), improved GUI and 
general appearance, and many other improvements.

4. Higher availability due to support of free (features limited) 
versions of both standalone and component (ActiveX) editions of Formulator.

We hope that our software is helpful to community and will be grateful 
for any notes and suggestions.

Thank you,
Vyacheslav Levitsky,

Hermitech Laboratory, Mathematical and Modeling Software,
Zhytomyr, UKRAINE

Web:    http://www.hermitech.ic.zt.ua
E-mail: info@hermitech.ic.zt.ua
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