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Re: Math on the web without MathML (CSS 2.1 rendering for HTML and XML)

From: <juanrgonzaleza@canonicalscience.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 04:47:16 -0700 (PDT)
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Re: Math on the web without MathML (CSS 2.1 rendering for HTML and XML)

Mark P. Line wrote:

> So you want it to be both improved and replaced? How is that a
> cost-effective strategy?

Well, the most important feature of standards is that standards may work.
Standard can be both improved and replaced. Improved when changes are
minimal and changed when a new paradigm holds.

Any case, as "strategy" I am saying is no different from seeing D.
Carlisle improving TeX-systems with the future LaTeX3, whereas he try to
replacing TeX on the web by MathML. One day Carlisle can offer us a talk
about feature sof LaTeX3 and other day he can give another on why
mathematicians would move from LaTeX to MathML for online math, ok?

The other day, I resumed some changes and improvements to MathML from
memory. I forget to cite the trouble with decimal sign. Somewhat as
content MathML does not asume a special presentational way to tan
-rendered as tan or tg (France)- content MathML would not asume
presentational stuff for something like 3.1416, rendered as 3.1416 or
3,1416 (Spain).

> -- Mark
> Mark P. Line
> Polymathix
> San Antonio, TX

Juan R.

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