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Re: Problem with Mozilla-based browsers

From: Jason Davis <jason_davis@brown.edu>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 00:14:18 -0500
Message-ID: <4403DC2A.807@brown.edu>
To: www-math@w3.org

Your webserver is serving .xhtml documents as text/plain. Add the 
following line to your .htaccess file (or save the below as .htaccess in 
your root directory):

AddType application/xhtml+xml .xhtml

This will tell your server to send pages with the correct mime-type 
(which is very important). IE still renders the page because of its 
well-known mime-type guessing (at least, one can assume... MathPlayer 
might add .xhtml to the list of mime-type guesses that IE performs).

As a further note, not all Mozilla-based (Gecko) browsers are created 
equal - Camino, an OSX-only Gecko browser, is released *without* MathML 
support built, but Firefox 1.5 (both Camino 1.0 and Firefox 1.5 use the 
1.8 Gecko release) *is* compiled with MathML support.

-Jason Davis

Dario.tambone wrote:
> Hi, I'm an Italian student, I'm writing a Math course on the web with
> MathML. So I've a problem: while with Internet Explorer+MathPlayer the math
> page is correctly rendered, with mozilla-based browsers the entire code of
> the page is returned, with no rendering. I've tryed different declarations
> in the heads of the page, tryed to change extension, pointed different
> stylesheets, but it doesn't works at all. I've just followed all the
> possible rules for the MathML use, including tutorials and slides from D.
> Carlisle!
> You can find my test pages here:
> digilander.libero.it/dtambone/uni01
> Please help me! What do you think the problem is?
> Please forgive my "school" english, not so trained...
> Many thanks, Dario Tambone
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