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Re: mathml free software

From: Paul Libbrecht <paul@activemath.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:45:58 +0200
Message-Id: <2d1386244b56c68fed985f05600440eb@activemath.org>
Cc: www-math@w3.org
To: Eric Tanguy <eric.tanguy@univ-nantes.fr>


I doubt what you are asking for exists, at least, I doubt a tool can 
easily be made that receives html (and MathML) "compositions" of 
students and evaluate them.
(evaluate simply for correct/not-correct or, better, for such answers 
as "there's this error here, but the rest is correct", "you did do a 
useless step here but it didn't loose you")

If you don't wish evaluation, then it's a completely different story!
Then you only need sharing and are "only" looking for an editor. This 
exists, have you had a look at the MathML software page ?

In order to answer questions, I think, I only know programs where the 
freedom of input of the learner is by far not as wide as even 
containing some html... answers will be such as a few buttons, a few 
mathematical expressions, and/or a few strings.

Here are a few that have to do with math, this list is by no means a 
complete list:
- ActiveMath (our system, http://www.activemath.org/)
- WIMS (wims.unice.fr I think)
- Alice in Math (don't remember URL)
- MathDox (see riaca.win.tue.nl)


PS: if you insist on the freedom of input but still accept a weaker 
evaluation, I know of an LSA-based essay marking... maybe it helps.

Le 12 juil. 05, à 19:34, Eric Tanguy a écrit :
> I apologize if this is the wrong list to ask this question or if this 
> question has been asked several time...
> I'm working at the university of nantes in france and i'm trying to 
> make an internet application where the students can aswer to question 
> in line. I know it is not very new...
> but i would like that the students could answer with well formated 
> html text so there is inline html editor to do that but i'm looking an 
> inline html or xml editor where the students could also answer 
> equation from icon tag and after that the text+equations are viewed in 
> the web
> browser. I'm not sure to explain fine what i need ...
> So do you know a free application (java, js, ...) that can do that and 
> can be called in a web page.
> Thanks a lot.
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