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Re: MathML and CSS

From: Bruce Miller <bruce.miller@nist.gov>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 11:04:29 -0400
Message-ID: <40A4DFFD.3030907@nist.gov>
To: Robert Miner <RobertM@dessci.com>
Cc: www-math@w3.org

Robert Miner wrote:
> Hi.
> Bruce Miller identified one possible goal for a Math-CSS model as:
>> (b) Should it leverage the core CSS, while minimally extending 
>>     it with those unique constructs needed to present mathematics?
> It is worth noting that there are several existing data point that
> give an idea of what is currently possible.
> One is the JavaScript/CSS rendering produced by David Carlisle's XSL
> stylesheet, available from
>    http://www.w3.org/Math/XSL
> Another related project is jsMath, by Davide Cervone of Union
> College.  jsMath produces a JavaScript/CSS rendering of plain TeX
> code, but the approach could be adapted to MathML.
>    http://www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/jsMath/
> With a bit of effort, it might be possible to prepare a page so that
> it would take advantage of native rendering in browsers where it was
> available, and fallback to CSS/JavaScript otherwise.  

Indeed, you could imagine MathML `aware' browsers that would
automatically apply the appropriate combination of CSS, XSL 
and JS needed for that browser.  That would be equivalent to 
actually implementing MathML, and be ideal from the authoring
standpoint.  Given appropriate CSS infrastructure (and licensing), 
we could provide reference stylesheets for CSS, Javascript and XSL 
that UA developers could adapt and include.

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