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[Mika.Seppala@helsinki.fi: [om-a] OpenMath TN meeting, Helsinki, May 21-22, 2004]

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Some people on this list may be interested in the following meeting

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Subject: [om-a] OpenMath TN meeting, Helsinki, May 21-22, 2004
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 07:10:08 -0500


OpenMath TN meeting "10 years of OpenMath", University of Helsinki, May
21-22, 2004.

The meeting will feature general talks on the developments during the last
10 years since the first OpenMath meeting which took place at ETH in
December 1993.

Please contact Mika Seppälä (Mika.Seppala@Helsinki.Fi) if you want to give a
talk. The annual meeting of the OpenMath Society will take place on Friday,
May 21.

Mika Seppälä
Math -- University of Helsinki
and Florida State University

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