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a new mathematical equation editor

From: Vyacheslav Levitsky <lev@ziet.zhitomir.ua>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 12:31:10 +0200
Message-ID: <402DF8EE.68160F2B@ziet.zhitomir.ua>
To: www-math@w3.org


I'd like to announce recent release of a new mathematical equation
editor (Formulator, version 0.9). Formulator is a free software for
personal computers running Microsoft Windows. This application allows
you to create mathematical equations through simple point-and-click
techniques. Equations can be converted into the representative subset of
MathML 2.0 and can be saved in several graphic file formats, ready to be
imported into documents. Formulator supports not only import into the
MathML format, but also export from this approved standard for math on
the World Wide Web.

Formulator is a prototype software that is developed mainly to confirm
the feasibility of the proposed openness scheme. I use the term
"openness" in the sense that a user is able to change textual definition
of existing templates or to construct a new mathematical template in
terms of graphics and edit boxes.

Formulator 0.9 doesn't yet support this feature completely. It includes
XML sources of basic constructs for building mathematical equations, but
doesn't include additional software to translate sources into a binary
form that can be incorporated into Formulator. This additional software
will be included in the next version of Formulator.

You can download a free executable of Formulator following the link
http://www.hermitech.ic.zt.ua/projects/formulator/index.html. Authors
will be grateful for any response. If you have a bug to report, a new
feature to request, or anything else to say, please send your messages
to support@hermitech.ic.zt.ua.

Best regards

Vyacheslav Levitsky,
Assoc. Prof.

Computer Software Dept., Zhitomir State Technological University

Chernyahovskogo 103, 
10005, Zhitomir, 
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