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mathematical equation

From: lev <lev@ziet.zhitomir.ua>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 16:02:45 +0300
Message-ID: <116654419.20040828160245@ziet.zhitomir.ua>
To: www-math@w3.org


I'd like to announce recent release of a new version of the freeware
mathematical equation editor Formulator 1.0. Equations can be imported
to and exported from a representative subset of the presentation
markup for MathML 2.0.

The following features will be new for Formulator users:

- A collection of mathematical templates is enlarged greatly and contains now 20 toolbars. New toolbars are Arrow symbols, Special constants, Miscellaneous symbols, Integral templates, Underbar and Overbar templates, Labeled arrow templates, Products and Set theory templates. Many new templates are inserted into toolbars, which were supported in the previous version.

- A combination of a font and character style has now a shorter path to deal with due to styles, which are somewhat analogous to text styles in word processing and page layout applications.

- Functions of import into and export from the MathML format are improved. Among new features are horizontal stretching of arrows, under-bars and over-bars; support of "Large Operator" attribute (it specifies whether the operator should be drawn larger than normal, e.g., integrals and products); enlarging function of brackets import and many other improvements.

- The dictionary of mathematical operators is enlarged greatly and contains now more than 500 entries. Most of them are supported by toolbar commands.

- Using OLE, you can insert equations created by Formulator directly into documents created by your word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word). You can edit them using the Formulator by double-clicking on them in your document.

- Drag-and-Drop is supported as an alternative to using the clipboard. You can use it to move or copy data within an application as well as between applications.

- Unlimited Undo and Redo commands allow for easier editing of equations.

- Standard Print and Print Preview functionality is supported.

And many other new features and improvements ...

You can download a free executable of Formulator following the direct
http://www.hermitech.ic.zt.ua/fd_counter.php?varProduct=2&varTo=support@hermitech.ic.zt.ua. Authors
will be grateful for any response. If you have a bug to report, a new
feature to request, or anything else to say, please send your messages
to support@hermitech.ic.zt.ua.

Best regards

Vyacheslav Levitsky,
Assoc. Prof.

Computer Software Dept., Zhitomir State Technological University

Chernyahovskogo 103, 
10005, Zhitomir, 
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