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RE: Thoughts on MathML and the DOM

From: Lyn Leventhall <ku02576@atlas.kingston.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 09:31:51 -0000
To: "'MathW3C'" <www-math@w3c.org>
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Have you looked at the SVG mark up language for  vector 
graphics. It is quite powerful. 


IBM also have a  set of free tutorials for a quick start up.



On 5 Mar 2003, at 19:59, Patrick Byers wrote:

> I appreciate your comments on the need for graphics in MathML. I
> have been tinkering with the idea of using a MathML-like markup
> language to define 3D graphics, or more specifically, dimensional
> modeling data.
> I can see a language being used to mark up specifications of
> physical objects, for use on the web and otherwise. An example
> would be a manufacturing company that wants to publish parts
> catalogs on the web for engineers to design with. An engineer
> could import dimensional markup into the CAD software he was
> using, and design to it.
> What I'm describing is something like VRML, but whereas VRML is
> essentially graphical, this language would be geared toward
> scientific and technical data. It could be used to communicate
> many aspects of a system being analyzed, including motion,
> electrical properties, and material information.
> I'm a MathML newcomer, but it seems to me that a language like
> what I've been describing would flow naturally from mathematical
> markup. I'd like to know if anyone has thought of something like
> this, and if so, I'd like to continue discussing it.


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