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RE: Render MathML in IE with .asp/.htm file extension

From: Paul Topping <PaulT@dessci.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 14:06:13 -0800
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To: Simon.Shutter@gems4.gov.bc.ca
Cc: www-math@w3.org, "'David Carlisle'" <davidc@nag.co.uk>


One thing to remember is that IE determines MIME type based solely on the
file's extension (and the extension-to-MIME-type mapping in the Windows
registry) if the file is being accessed via non-HTTP protocols (eg, local
hard disk or network file system). This can surprise some people when a page
works locally but not when placed on the web server, or vice-versa.


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> From: David Carlisle [mailto:davidc@nag.co.uk] 
> Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 1:55 PM
> To: Simon.Shutter@gems4.gov.bc.ca
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> Subject: Re: Render MathML in IE with .asp/.htm file extension
> > I only seem to be able to render MathML in IE 6
> IE6 has a habit of using the file extension to guess the mime 
> type even when the server is specifying a different 
> extension. It shouldn't but it does (or it appears to). If 
> you have access to the server configuration you can of course 
> fool it by passing .xml URL's through the ASP xecution so you 
> don't need to use .asp extension.
> David
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