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MathPlayer for Authors

From: Support <Support@dessci.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:57:19 -0800
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We have created a version of MathPlayer 1.0 we're calling "MathPlayer for
Authors" that has a few special features you might find handy. All the
additional features are available on the context menu displayed by
right-clicking on a MathPlayer-rendered equation.

The most useful feature for authors is the Validation sub-menu. It allows
control over the level of validation (Lax or Full) and how problems are
reported (Silent, Normal, or Verbose). The regular version of MathPlayer
does Lax validation and Normal reporting.

- Lax validation makes sense for readers as their goal is to understand the
math as much as possible and they may be confused by validation errors.

- Full validation, on the other hand, flags things like unrecognized

- Silent reporting ignores errors, as the name implies.

- Normal reporting highlights bad MathML by making its rendering red.

- Verbose reporting inserts error messages into the rendering.

In addition to the validation feature, the Commands menu has a few
additional commands to open Mathematica or Maple with the clicked-on
expression ready to work with. There are a few other commands for plotting,
etc but these are mostly not that useful and are intended to serve as
examples of what could be done properly with a little more work. Your
feedback on the Commands sub-menu is welcome and encouraged.

If you want to receive MathPlayer for Authors, reply to this email and tell
us a little about what you are doing with MathML. We'll reply with an
installer. Once this special version is installed, it will be
indistinguishable from the normal version as far as MathPlayer's automatic
version-checking is concerned. Its About box will be the only way to tell it
from the normal version. If you want to go back to the normal MathPlayer,
just re-download it and install it.

We may offer this functionality and more in a future MathPlayer Pro version.
If you have any ideas on useful features we could add, let us know.


Paul Topping

Paul Topping                     email: pault@dessci.com            
Design Science, Inc.
"How Science Communicates"
MathType, WebEQ, MathPlayer, Equation Editor, TeXaide
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