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RE: Accented variables

From: Pepping, Simon (ELS) <S.Pepping@elsevier.nl>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 11:37:10 +0100
Message-ID: <4D56BD81F62EFD49A74B1057ECD75C06068E7A83@elsamsvexch01.elsevier.nl>
To: "'Robert Miner'" <RobertM@dessci.com>, jpederse@wiley.com
Cc: www-math@w3.org

We at Elsevier would indeed like to create a set of conventions, so that we
do not get every possible variation in our files. 

The end of the operator dictionary gives a good start:

&Breve;, &Cedilla;, &DiacriticalGrave;, &DiacriticalDot;,
&DiacriticalDoubleAcute;, &LeftArrow;, &LeftRightArrow;, &LeftRightVector;,
&LeftVector;, &DiacriticalAcute;, &RightArrow;, &RightVector;,
&DiacriticalTilde;, &DoubleDot;, &DownBreve;, &Hacek;, &Hat;, &OverBar;,
&OverBrace;, &OverBracket;, &OverParenthesis;, &TripleDot;, &UnderBar;,
&UnderBrace;, &UnderBracket;, &UnderParenthesis; 

I have added to them &ring; as a possible accent.

It would indeed be useful to see the list that is used in MathPlayer.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
DTD Development and Maintenance

Robert Miner [mailto:RobertM@dessci.com] wrote on 31 July 2003 17:59:

> MathML itself doesn't say which, if any, of the various possible
> accent characters is preferrable, e.g. overdot vs. combining overdot
> vs. center dot when what you mean is "derivative".  For one thing, its
> probably a hopeless job to try to identify a single cannonical
> character for every possible mathematical meaning, when in point of
> fact, none of the text-oriented Unicode characters available is a very
> good fit.  Now if a major publisher like Elsevier or Wiley wanted to
> come up with a set of conventions, and disseminate them, that would be
> a big step forward.  But as of today, there really isn't any such set
> of conventions.  So, for better or worse, I guess the real answer to
> your questions is "use the character that works best in most
> applications."
> Therefore, MathPlayer (and I assume Netscape/Mozilla) puts a lot of
> effort into analyzing accent constructs and trying to do the right
> thing.
> If you think it would help you, I can look into distributing a
> (probably partial) list of "accent characters" that MathPlayer gives
> special treatment.  I'm a little hestitant to commit MathPlayer to a
> specific list, since I don't have tons of faith we have made the right
> decisions in every case.  However, if you guys are thinking about
> establishing markup conventions within your companies, it would give
> you some hard information to start with.
> Let me know if you would find this useful.
> --Robert
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