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Re: Last Call Working Draft of MathML 2.0, 2nd edition published

From: Bill Naylor <Bill.Naylor@mcs.vuw.ac.nz>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 13:43:55 +1200 (NZST)
To: Max Froumentin <mf@w3.org>
cc: www-math@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.51.0304151333280.12359@debretts.mcs.vuw.ac.nz>

sorry, looking at the wrong version, I see it has been mended

> a comment on the example in section, a namespace decleration
> should appear in the outer <OMA>, thus:
> <semantics>
>   <apply>
>     <plus/>
>     <apply><sin/>
>       <ci> x </ci>
>     </apply>
>     <cn> 5 </cn>
>   </apply>
>   <annotation-xml encoding="OpenMath">
>     <OMA xmlns="http://www.openmath.org/OpenMath">

however in section 5.3.4 there is an example which has an incorrect
xlink:href attribute (the first OMS in the encoding="OpenMath" child):

  <mrow id="E">
    <mrow id="E.1">
      <mo id="E.1.1">(</mo>
      <mi id="E.1.2">a</mi>
      <mo id="E.1.3">+</mo>
      <mi id="E.1.4">b</mi>
      <mo id="E.1.5">)</mo>
    <mo id="E.2">&InvisibleTimes;</mo>
    <mrow id="E.3">
      <mo id="E.3.1">(</mo>
      <mi id="E.3.2">c</mi>
      <mo id="E.3.3">+</mo>
      <mi id="E.3.4">d</mi>
      <mo id="E.3.5">)</mo>

  <annotation-xml encoding="MathML-Content">
    <apply xref="E">
      <and xref="E.2"/>
      <apply xref="E.1">
        <xor xref="E.1.3"/><ci xref="E.1.2">a</ci><ci xref="E.1.4">b</ci>
      <apply xref="E.3">
        <xor xref="E.3.3"/><ci xref="E.3.2">c</ci><ci xref="E.3.4">d</ci>

  <annotation-xml encoding="OpenMath"

    <om:OMA xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E'))" xlink:type="simple">
      <om:OMS name="and" cd="logic1"
              xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E'))" xlink:type="simple"/>
                                       ^^^ should be 'E.2'
      <om:OMA xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.1'))" xlink:type="simple">
        <om:OMS name="xor" cd="logic1"
                xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.1.3'))" xlink:type="simple"/>
        <om:OMV name="a"
                xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.1.2'))" xlink:type="simple"/>
        <om:OMV name="b"
                xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.1.4'))" xlink:type="simple"/>

      <om:OMA xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.3'))" xlink:type="simple">
        <om:OMS name="xor" cd="logic1"
                xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.3.3'))" xlink:type="simple"/>
        <om:OMV name="c"
                xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.3.2'))" xlink:type="simple"/>
        <om:OMV name="d"
                xlink:href="#xpointer(id('E.3.4'))" xlink:type="simple"/>


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