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Congratulations to Mr. Sandhu (MathML book)

From: <ajvincent@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 04:13:00 GMT
To: www-math@w3.org
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Mr. Sandhu, I wish to offer you my congratulations.  You've accomplished a significant goal with the publishing of "The MathML Handbook", and I'll probably want to lay my hands on a copy right quick.  I myself am trying to create a proposal for a MathML book aimed at the high school classroom, but I haven't gotten very far.  (That's mainly because I'm trying to include a couple other concepts in my proposal, concepts which I haven't fully developed, but I believe would make MathML more useful in the long run.  It's also because I am largely out of touch with how mathematics is, and how it should be, taught in classrooms -- a major flaw...)

Looking at the table of contents, I'm personally interested because your book will give me a first look at software I as a hobbyist may not be willing to spend money on without seeing it firsthand.

Alexander J. Vincent
author, JavaScript Developer's Dictionary (Sams Publishing)
moderator, XML forum @ www.codingforums.com
Vallejo, CA

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