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                      OpenMath Workshop
                RISC, Schloss Hagenberg, Austria
                      September 26-28 2001



This workshop is intended to provide an informal forum for people
interested in or using the OpenMath and MathML standards to meet 
and exchange information.  The meeting is being held alongside the
First International Workshop on Mathematical Knowledge Management
and we anticipate a healthy overlap between the two events.

The OpenMath activity (see http://www.openmath.org) is an effort
to create a framework for exchanging semantically-rich representations
of mathematical objects.  MathML (see http://www.w3.org/Math)
is a mechanism for encoding the presentation of mathematical
objects and also has some support for encoding semantic content.
Both activities are based on XML and complement one another.

The meeting will include presentations on recent developments in
both OpenMath and MathML, and discussions about ideas for future
directions.  Proposals for related presentations are very welcome.

Important Dates

If you wish to give a presentation, please contact the programme
organiser, Mike Dewar (miked@nag.co.uk) with a title and abstract
before September 1st 2001.

Registration will be handled jointly with MKM. Although participants
may register up to September 21st, we would encourage them to do so
before August 30th. 

Travel and Accommodation

Information about travel and accommodation will be published closer
to the workshop, in the meantime if you have any questions please
contact the local organiser, Olga Caprotti


The organisers gratefully acknowledge the support of the European
Commission via the OpenMath Thematic Network (IST-2000-28719).

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