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Re: DoubleLongLeftArrow character entity

From: William F. Hammond <hammond@csc.albany.edu>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 13:17:56 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <200101111817.NAA07176@hilbert.math.albany.edu>
To: mozilla-mathml@mozilla.org, www-math@w3.org
David Carlisle <davidc@nag.co.uk>

> Well I suppose the answer is that Unicode think that the length
> of an arrow is a stylistic thing that should be done in markup.

Perhaps they did not understand the nature of CDATA, i.e., it's
something that no processor should *ever* need to give *any* special
handling beyond possibly a simple "lookup".

Isn't Unicode supposed to correspond to CDATA in the SGML/XML world?

Don't these standards committees read the materials from other closely
related standards committees?

                                    -- Bill
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