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Re: Marking up Temporal Logic

From: Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor <roconnor@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 14:30:36 -0400 (EDT)
To: www-math@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.95q.990902142318.20186A-100000@markov.math.uwaterloo.ca>
On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, David Carlisle wrote:

> Lots of boxes both white and black, possibly rotated through 45 degrees,
> and possibly having a  circle of the contrasting colour in the middle.
> (If the original poster is in the same area of TL as I once once
> associated:-)

How about U+25A0, U+25A1, U+25A3, U+25C6, U+25C7, U+25C8, U+25C9, U+25CB,


Many of these characters render on my friends copy of IE 5.0.

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