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Re: errors in the Math ML specification

From: Nico Poppelier <nico@schier7.demon.nl>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 20:25:15 +0100
Message-ID: <383AEA1B.424BEB9B@schier7.demon.nl>
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Thank you for your comments. The Math working group is in the
process of revising the MathML specification. A first
working draft will be made available soon.

I will answer your questions below.

> 1. In the first paragraph of section "Constructing General
> Expressions", the example
>         <plus type="vector"/>
> is incorrect. 
The working group will investigate this and will make
an appropriate change in one of the working drafts.

> 2. In the second paragraph of section 5.2 "How to Mix Markup", the example
>         <mrow> <plus/> <mi> x </mi> <mi> y </mi> </mrow>
> is incorrect.
Your observation is entirely correct. The revised text makes it
very clear I think that this is an erroneous combination
of presentation and content markup.

> 3. In section 5.3 "Anticipating Macros for Combined Markup", the example
> following "from 5.1.3 could then be condensed to" is incorrect.
These errors have been fixed.

> 4. Table "MathML Elements Which Cannot Be Linking Elements" contains
> "<prescripts/>". The MathML DTD does not define "prescripts". Is
> "<mprescripts>" intended here?
This has been fixed too.

Once again: thank you for your comments.


Nico Poppelier
Math WG, editor
Received on Tuesday, 23 November 1999 14:25:02 UTC

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