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Free websites for Automotive industry

From: <wwcd@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 23:12:01 -0500
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One of my favorite four letter words.

If you like FREE, and you could use ADVERTISING - - -
If you are involved in a business related to the automotive industry - - -
We need to talk. We have an consumer automotive resource center – we host websites for cars, trucks, parts, services, insurance, financing and everything to do with the automotive industry. 

If you would like to have a free website, and referrals from customers looking for what you have to offer, give us a try. You really can get something for nothing. With us.  

If you would like to join us, we welcome you. And it will be FREE – and when we have proven ourselves, and we all agree that what we have done has value and will continue to have value to you, we can talk about a fair exchange.

Thanks for the time. Please hit "Reply" and send us your contact information if you are interested.  

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