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Re: MathML capable browser

From: Robert Miner <rminer@geomtech.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 09:33:41 -0600
Message-Id: <199812101533.JAA21445@wisdom.geomtech.com>
To: thomason@cm.math.uiuc.edu
CC: www-math@w3.org
Hi Jason,

I think there are two main advantages of using a browser like E-Lite
with native MathML support are:

1) It displays true HTML + MathML documents, in what I think of as
   their "archival" format, meaning that you don't have to use
   technology specific applet tags, or embed tags, etc to launch a
   MathML viewer.  Since I think we can fairly confidently say that
   mainstream browsers will ultimately also have native MathML support,
   at that point, people who have created documents using helper
   technologies like WebEQ and TechExplorer will have a document
   conversion task on their hands.

2) The math is a lot better integrated into the browser.  (Take this
   with a grain of salt for this initial E-Lite release, since the
   MathML support still needs some cleaning up).  Basically, the
   equations change size with the surrounding fonts, etc.

A third reason why I think ICESoft deserves kudos for adding MathML
support to their component library is that it greatly facilitates
MathML support in all kinds of embedded Web applications that aren't
browsers per se -- kiosks, data mining applications that connect over
the Web, all kinds of Web capable devices from cell phones to car
navigation systems, etc.  This is probably a bigger deal than E-Lite
in the long run.

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