Re: analysis techniques

At 11:34 AM 3/1/96 +0100,  Dr. Gloria Mark wrote:
>Can anyone give me information on what kind of analysis packages/programs 
>might be available for doing statistical analyses with logging data? I am 
>interested in doing analyses which are more sophisticated than descriptive
>statistics (i.e. frequencies, means). For example, I would be interested in
>analyses such as Markov chains, Poisson processes, time series, or
>multivariate regression techniques. My interest is not limited to these
>analyses, so anything you could direct me to would be helpful.

Hello World,

I am in the process of investigating such models as above, but I need
additional data to obtain more generalizable results.  I would like to
request http access log files of 10 MB in size and larger from the 
members of this list-group.

In return I will maintain confidentiality of the source of the log file and 
it's IP content, but publish the general results pertaining to:

        Poisson models of user arrivals
        A queuing model for web site bandwidth utilization
        Time series analysis (over the course of weeks).
        And more..

I greatly appreciate any participation in this project.  If you are
interested in supplying some http log files, please contact me, 
Matt X. Hunter, at xhunter@huntana.com.  And/or, ftp the 
(zipped, or compressed) log file to:

        /incoming      (Note this directory is writable but not readable)

user: anonymous.

Regards to All,

Matt X. Hunter
(406) 728-2640

PS Some preliminary models can be viewed at: