Re: Time and a summary

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Daniel DuBois wrote:

> >preamble reference should suffice, plus an inline reference whenever 
> >daylight savings kicks in or out. 
> Two new directives?
> #GMT-Offset: -0400
> #Daylight-Savings: on

I agree with many that #GMT-Offset should suffice and that all times are
GMT with full resolution. 

I do think that including an offset in the log is better than letting the
analyzer handle it.  It could happen that logs are analyzed together from
different parts of the globe and the resulting automation would be nice, 
especially for net-error automation. 


#Preamble-begin and #Preamble-end could make things easier for analyzers
and the inexperienced statistician.  It is sometimes difficult to quickly
figure out what is what. 

I'll raise the two new? directives and give you three.



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