Re: Time

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, N.G.Smith wrote:

> We run a large proxy and we would like to be able to log the time the
> connection arrived, the time we connected to the remote server, the
> duration of the connection with the remote server and the total
> transaction duration.  All with sub-second resolution.
> This misses the time for the server to pick up the connection in the
> first place, but I guess we can't do anything about that.
> Neil

How about s-operand or something equivalent in your proxy log? 

#Fields: time s-operand cs-method cs-URI
00:34:23 cs GET /foo/bar.html
00:34:24 sr GET /foo/bar.html
00:34:36 sc SND /foo/bar.html

This should give you the first three of what was mentioned above.  The
total transaction duration between the different systems is then just
simple arithmatic which can be done by the analyzer. 

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