Re: Time

>> 2. If not all servers are running exactly the same time it can be
>> misleading to log seconds if we start to combine logs from different servers. 
>> Also, what time is logged?  The beginning or the termination of the 
>> request?  It might be wise to have both times. 

>That shouldn't be a problem in this day and age when even desktop PCs can 
>synch up to SNTP servers. Sys Admins should be synching their servers as 
>a matter of course.

Global synchronization is IMHO much less important at the second by second 
level. In any case we run synchronisation within 2 seconds across the Atlantic 
so its really not that big a deal.

Analysis of results on a single server at the second by second level would be 
very interesting and worthwhile IMHO. Knowing that one got 20 requests a second 
for 15 seconds is quite interesting. Knowing that one got 300 in a minute less 

When we tunned the CERN server we looked at the number of connections per second 
that it peaked at then looked at the bottlenecks.