Re: Time

>logging seconds since...
>1.  The question really comes down to the time resolution you need.  In an
>analysis, I can not see the need for time down to the second.

Careful performance analysis on servers exceeding 100 connections a second
might demand higher resolution than this.

>Also, what time is logged?  The beginning or the termination of the 
>request?  It might be wise to have both times. 
>Magnus Mengelbier                  tel.     Sweden + (0)40-29 39 12

We run a large proxy and we would like to be able to log the time the
connection arrived, the time we connected to the remote server, the
duration of the connection with the remote server and the total
transaction duration.  All with sub-second resolution.

The current draft allows for times with optional second and sub-second
fields so it's up to the applications to support these.

This misses the time for the server to pick up the connection in the
first place, but I guess we can't do anything about that.


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