Re: Time

At 10:33 AM 4/11/96 -0400, hallam@zorch.w3.org wrote:
>Writing logs in local time is pretty much an anachronism for a World Wide
>system. The time domain that the server is in is pretty much irrelevant.
>Using time zone names is very messy and leads to all sorts of ambiguities
>in a log file. Daylight saving introduces even more complexity.
>It is always possible to convert GMT time into local time. I very strongly
>believe that this should be done at the user and never the system level. 
>I have used computer systems which span timezones and the result is pretty
>ugly unless they have a common concept of time.

I might agree with you, but if people are used to having the option of
logging in either local or GMT time with their CLF files, they're going to
wonder why we don't provide them the same option with XLF files.

I know Spyglass writes all their CLFF logs in local time, and I belive vi
and grep are the most common interfaces to it.

the Programmer formerly known as Dan