Re: Time

>Two new directives?

>#GMT-Offset: -0400
>#Daylight-Savings: on

>Is the second one descriptive enough, or do we need "on" and "off" for the
>beginning of logs, and "on-to-off" and "off-to-on" for times when we
>actually switch during logging?

I would certainly expect such changes to occur.

Also note that daylight savings is not a fixed concept. Some countries have
double daylight savings.

I still don't understand how local time is going to help outside of
the Intranet of small companies. I would personaly find reconciling the 
logs of (say) gatekeeper.dec.com (Cambridge MA) and alta-vista.dec.com
(Palo alto) something of a pain if each was in local time.

I would hope that whatever analysis tools appear would present the data
in whatever timezone the analyser happened to request. I think that listing
logs on the console is going to be an occasional thing. Essential for 
debugging but not the preferred interface.

Referring to Dan's point on the start and end dates, I think he is right
and the wording needs to be changed. 


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