Re: Time

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Daniel DuBois wrote:

> At 10:16 AM 4/11/96 -0400, James E. Calloway wrote:
> >Of course it would save space to not put the offset in every entry. A 
> I agree.  One in every entry is a waste of file bytes.
> >preamble reference should suffice, plus an inline reference whenever 
> >daylight savings kicks in or out. 
> Two new directives?
> #GMT-Offset: -0400
> #Daylight-Savings: on
> Is the second one descriptive enough, or do we need "on" and "off" for the
> beginning of logs, and "on-to-off" and "off-to-on" for times when we
> actually switch during logging?

You could have it so the #Daylight-Savings switch can occur throughout 
the log and not just in the preamble.  The problem is then postponed to 
the analyzer (human and machine) to figure out how to handle it. 


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