Re: http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/TR/WD-logfile.html

> Here's how I envision a log file for Joe's lightly used webserver would look:

You've got two problems. The first one you copied from the draft:

> #Version: 1.0
> #Fields: time cs-method cs-uri
> #Start-Date: 12-Jan-1996 23:00:00
> #Date: 12-Jan-1996

The "date" format in the draft is '4digit "-" 2digit "-" 2digit' not
'4digit "-" 3alpha "-" 2digit'. The examples in the draft are wrong as

> #End-Date: 13-Jan-1996 21:00:00
> #Remark: Joe stopped server, left town for 4 days, reconfigured & restarted

Hmmm. I let people stop (and start) virtual servers independently of
each other, and End-Date for stopping any particular server doesn't
seem appropriate. I still want that information in the log file,
though. So it gets a remark: "#Remark: aserve for www.phone.net:80
exited" and End-Date gets added to the log when the server rotates

> #Date: 18-Jan-1996
> 20:30:00 GET /foo "Spyglass Mosaic"
> #End-Date: 13-Jan-1996 21:00:00

Jumped backwards in time, did we?

> saver that in an of itself makes XLFF worthwhile.  If anyone was thinking
> #directives were only appropriate at the begining of the file, I have to
> strongly disagree.

I agree with this.