Re: Re: Browser Geographic ID

>>And while we're waiting, some food for thought: It would be very useful 
>>from a marketing point of view to log browser georgraphy, i.e., the city 
>>of origin....
>It would seem to make sense to make the geographic building block zip codes,
>either 5 or 9 digit. City definitions change and zips enable a better
>subtrate for Geodemographic analyses.
>David L. Smith

The zip codes are not a bad idea.  Using a 9 digit version will
introduce better precision if the information is used in later
analysis but only for geographic locations that have those extended
zip codes.  The trouble in using the standard zip codes is that you
might be eliminating international connections.  Combine the country
code with the zip might be a better idea.

For example,

  Philadelphia  is  01-19144 and Malmoe, Sweden would be 46-21221.  

Magnus Mengelbier

email:  magnusm@maths.lth.se, magnusm@ibm.net