A few more things I for got the first time around:

1) truncation of headers
   I didn't see any facility for a log generator (a server) to indicate it
had truncated a 5K long user-agent header if it says it is logging
cs(user-agent).  But then, I've never seen URL length limits specified
anywhere for CLFF either, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Is
truncation supposed to be a never acceptable thing that such a facility is
not specified?

2) missing headers
    When you're loggin cs(user-agent), and there is no such request header,
do you enter '-' in the log, '"-"', or '""'?  The Fields section says
cs(foo) is a <string>, the Format section says ommitted entries are marked
by dash.

3) multiple headers
    When there's more than one Accept: header is it a requirement that the
headers be collalesced as they are for CGI environment variables before
being logged?  I'd just as soon they not, the more processing along this
line, the more of a burden it is on the server to do these things.

OK - hopefully that's it...

the Programmer formerly known as Dan