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On Sat, 23 Mar 1996, David L. Smith wrote:

> It would seem to make sense to make the geographic building block zip codes,
> either 5 or 9 digit. City definitions change and zips enable a better
> subtrate for Geodemographic analyses.

Or rather, postal code. Zip and Zip+4 would be a dream come true inside the 
U.S. market, but of course wouldn't mean much outside the U.S. 

Going back to the charter page, this touches on two of the listed issues:

[1001] Accessing Geography Information. 
     How can one determine the geographic location of a user? 
[1002] Representing Geography Information. 
     Is geographic information important emnough and consistent enough to 
     specify a tag? Should this be within the core group of tags or 
     specified separately in a set of "extension" tags? 

Re 1002:
Is it important enough to specify a tag? My vote is yes.
Is it consistent enough to specify a tag? Hmm. If we stick to postal 
   codes, possibly so, even though the codes themselves vary from country to 
   country. For example, if I'm not mistaken, Canadian codes include 
   alpha characters.
Should this be within the core group of tags? Yes.

1001 is still the key question. If we don't have an accurate way to 
determine the geo info, there's no point in putting it in the log. 
Similarly, if we're simply determining it after the fact, i.e., by 
analysing IP addresses and domains, there is no point in putting it in 
the log. 

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