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From: "Shyam Goenka" <sgoenka@hotmail.com>
Subject: A pictorial biography of King Birendra .... the beloved monarch of the Himalayan Kingdom
Date: Thu Jul 24 03:09:46  1997
Dear  Sir ,

It  gives  us immense pleasure in enlightening your goodselves  of
our  having  published a "A Pictorial Biography of King  Birendra"
the  beloved monarch of Nepal.  The publication assumes historical
significance in the light of this having commemorated  the  Silver
Jubilee of His Majesty's Accession.

The  endeavour of the Editors of this book, which has been a  long
drawn  effort, was to reveal to the world the true  profile  of  a
"beloved monarch" and open doors to a nation that is blessed  with
peace, harmony and goodwill towards all.  Through the King's  eyes
and  through  the  eyes of his people, we have tried  to  paint  a
composite,  memorable  picture of Nepal.  Nepal,  the  country  of
Mount Everest - The Summit of the world; Lumbini - the birth place
of  Lord  Buddha.  'The Apostle of peace'; 'Pashupatinath'  -  the
sacred  shrine  of  the  Hindus;  the  mountains,  rivers,  lakes,
glaciers,  valleys,  temples, chaityas,  stupas,  monasteries  and
hundreds  of  landmarks in diversity spelling  the  rich  cultural
heritage,  has  always  been beckoning the scholars,  researchers,
philanthropists, the nature lovers et at from all over  the  world
from  time  immemorial.  This effort presents a  true  picture  of
Nepal in nutshell.

The  publication has globally been acclaimed as the best  produced
Pictorial Biography on a Head of State hitherto.  It is  a  worthy
souvenir from Nepal, the beautiful country.

We   invite   you  to  visit  our  website  on  the  internet   at
http://www.webnepal.com/biography and if you please, you  may  opt
to  fill in the order form there and advise.  We also welcome your
valuable comments for improvements in our future endeavours.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best attention at all times.

We remain.

Yours Truly,
For Trans Asian Media Pvt. Ltd.

Shyam Goenka