From: Martin Ostrowski <mostrowski@marlowe.iosys.de>
   Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 14:38:17 +0100

   when i start a request with USER-AGENT set to default value
   "myapp 1.0 /libwww 5.1" the server thinks myapp can't load frames,

   My Workaround was, setting the USER-AGENT field to:
   "mozilla 3.0 /libwww 5.1".

   This works fine, but i want to set USER-AGENT to the Name of the application.

   Is there another Way to tell the remote Server, that myapp
   can handle Frames, using my USER-AGENT field instead of "Mozilla"?

Welcome to the web, were all servers are configured sanely, and all
major browser implementers carefully consider interoperations with
other browsers.

Since apparently the server is checking for mozilla, you have to tell it
that your app is mozilla.

i don't see any solution.  feature negotiation is moving in the right
direction, but as long as some servers pay attention to the presence or
absense of `mozilla', we're all going to have to use it if we want
to display pages the way netscape does.