Re: Alternate SGML.c module in wwwlib 5.0a...?

Markku Savela wrote:
> As it seems, that the standard semantics is defined by Netscape
> browser, and it didn`t have any problem dealing with such URL's, I
> have made patch to my version of SGML.c:
> 	Any NUL, CR or LF characters, if they appear within single or
> 	double quoted attribute value strings, are ignored.

Hmm.  I've just tried this out and you're right.  This seems to me to mean
that if people go to the trouble of putting ALT attributes on img tags and
they have text split over an end-of-line sequence, the page author has to
remember to insert an extra space at the beginning of each line (or at the
end of the line provided their editor doesn't strip trailing spaces from

Internet Explorer seems to put in a line break in if it finds one in an
ALT attribute to IMG, but not when the attribute value is a URL such as
with an anchor's HREF.

I think that the IE approach is the better.  That's the approach my
browser takes too (so maybe I'm biased :-)

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