Try No 2 for syntax on using w3c for posting.

I am sure someone on this alias has done this before. 
All I want to do is take a file (6-10MB) and post it to a server using 
w3c or www software. I am using w3c-libwww-5.0a. 

The documentation is not really clear on how to use the software from a 
command line.

I have tried the following syntax :

1) w3c -post -dest http://server/script.xyz <input file>
     where input file contains info of the type var=value.

   Result : Cant access resource.

2) w3c -post -form http://server/script.xyz < input.file

   Result : Cant access resource.

3) This is only version that works :
   w3c -post -form http://server/script.xyz var1=value1 var2=value2 

   The problem with this method is that the argv list becomes very long and w3c complains
   w3c: Arg List too long.

Please let me know what is the correct syntax to post a file and not have restrictions
on the size. If there is another utility I need to use please advise me.


Burjiz Pithawala
cisco Systems,