Re: Crash in HTDoConnect

As suggested, the sigpipe in my program was indeed caused by dbx, but my
program is crashing anyway
(that is it stops execution abnormally without generating a segmentation
fault). I have put full trace and here is the tail of the trace. It
seems that the last trace displayed is in the __RetrieveCBF function
of HTEventRg called from HTEventrg_dispatch. As the trace of the
HTEventrg_dispatch function is not displayed (), I assume that the crash
is either in __RetrieveCBF or in HTEventrg_dispatch.

HTDoConnect. WOULD BLOCK `www.cmh.edu'
Register.... socket 26, request 1f2e38 HTEventCallback e9e48 SockOps 10 at
priority 20
AddRequest.. Did NOT find socket 26
RequestInit. initializing RQ entry for socket 26
Req Update.. updating for socket 26
Register.... Registering socket as writeable
Request..... Delete 265db8
Memory Free. 259138
Memory Free. 210f28
Memory Free. 1f3248
Memory Free. 259128
Memory Free. 247418
Memory Free. 1f3298
Memory Free. 1f3278
Memory Free. 1f3288
Memory Free. 1f3238
Response.... Delete 1f6720
Memory Free. 1f6720
Memory Free. 265db8
Event Loop.. calling select: maxfds is 26
Event Loop.. select returns 1
Processing.. Write socket set. max_sock is 26
Retrieve.... Found socket 26

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