Re: Library 5.0a : Feedback & Questions

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:


Many thanks for your feedback. I apologize if you feel that I did not do your
documentation justice.

> At 08:24 AM 10/20/96 -0600, Adam Jack wrote:
> >Ok -- so I am 'rolling my own' project ('cos I don't know how to import
> >your .mak file) and I opted (initially) to avoid the DLL configuration,
> >hoping for simplicity. I added all the .c files to the project & set
> There are in fact make files for MSVC++4.0 which I assume will also work
> for 4.2. These files are referenced from
> 	http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/INSTALL.html
I knew this -- but as I said, I did not know how to import a make file (.mak)
into a Microsoft project (.mdp). I expected that this was the source of a
few problems -- which is why I mentioned it. I will go look at VC++ docs to
figure this out.
> This is only if you want to use the default HTML parser which comes with
> libwww. This parser is not very well maintained and has the funny interface
> where you have to define a set of HText functions. 

I might still give it a go, thanks. My HTML needs are very basic -- I just
might get asked for the list of URLS that are linked to from a document.
> The preemptive version (blocking sockets) do not need an event loop as
> libwww in this mode blocks while waiting on IO.
Maybe I wasn't clear. W/O a WSA Startup DNS lookups fail. I only found 
WSAStartup() called from HTEventInit(). As such -- my preemptive failed 
to run *unless I called HTEventInit()*.

> Hope this helps,
Yup -- it helped,


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