ComLine 4.1b5 win32 build

I was looking for a command line utility program to GET and HEAD from the
web and happily downloaded w3c-libwww and got it running.  But I do have
some questions:

1. I chose the ComLine program over LineMode because it appeared simpler. 
But is work on ComLine "active"?  There was no Windows MAK file for it, but
I did get it running under win95.  Would my MAK file be of use to anyone?

2. I am running version 4.2 of MSVC.  I am new to MSVC and it appears to my
novice eye that the Windows MAK file for Library was set up for an earlier
version.  I have gotten the build changed to create the DLLs for the
Library - again, would this work be of use?

3. Building ComLine from the 4.1b3a sources successfully let me do GET and
HEAD methods.  The ComLine from 4.1b5 does GET but the HEAD is not doing
something right - it says "Reading..." but nothing follows - guess a debug
session is in order.

- mike mulligan