Re: more on - Problems compiling 1b3a under NT 4.0

> Then I tried Abderrezak's suggestion about making wwwapp a sub-project of
> wwwrules and it worked just as he said.  In this case, I am able to leave
> the reference to HTAuthFilter in HTProxy and compile the wwwrules
> sub-project without errors.  In fact, I can now compile the entire project
> with 0 errors and 13 warnings. 

Did you first have to remove the wwwrules subproject from wwwapp, and add
the wwwrules.lib to provide the externals? If not, I am working with
something different from you. If so, I think you have a bootstrapping
problem; wwwrules builds wwwapp as a subproject, but wwwapp uses
wwwrules.lib. You can simulate a fresh build by removing wwwrules.lib from
bin and wwwrules.dll from bin/debug. 

If you build again, you should get an error building wwwapp because it 
can't find wwwrules.lib. If you remove the wwwapp subproject from 
wwwrules, you get an unresolved HTAuthFilter building wwwrules.dll.
Ironicly, this builds a wwwrules.lib *anyway*, so you can re-add the 
wwwapp subproject to wwwrules and build without furthur iterations.

I tested each step I mentioned here, so if you get different results, I 
would like to add them to my knowledge or confusion.