Re: Problems running on Win95

I might have found out the reason behind the problem I posted earlier. 
Basically whenever you build an application under Win32, you have a choice of 
either a MS Windows application or a Console application. From the default 
setting in the distribution, both the Library and LineMode browser are set up 
as MS Windows applications (by defining the symbol _WINDOWS). That's why they 
work fine together. However, when I tried to build libapp_4 and ComLine, I 
chose to build them as a Console application. This is a natural choice 'cos 
they can simply interact with the user by standard I/O. The problem is there 
are some modules in the Library (HTUtil and HTAlert?) that got compiled 
differently under different CONSOLE vs MS Windows set up. So what I have to do 
is to recompile the Library with the _CONSOLE symbol (besides using the DLL C 
runtime library). This makes the ComLine works but messes up LineMode. Does 
anyone know what exactly is going on here?