[Q] Things in an Anchor?


What are the various fields in an Anchor as defined in HTAncMan.h?
ALso, can someone point out to me which are fields designed to be
set by the application and which are designed to be set after fetching
the document?

physical address - is this the URI where the document came from?
absolute address - is this the IP address? Why is there no function to
                   access it in HTAnchor.h? Is it for internal use only?
content encoding - can someone give examples of what this might be? It
		   seems to always be NULL. 
cte              - what is the difference between this and content
                   encoding? I presume this is set depending on the
                   document that is fetched?
content language - the comment says this should be a list - why? Could
                   a document be in multiple languages?
charset          - this also always seems to be NULL after fetching a
                   document. Is it supposed to be set before fetching?
level            - ditto
derived from     - is this a relationship between anchors or something?
version          - of what? The anchor? the document? the library? the

Lots of questions I know, but I can't find many answers in the documentation.
Hang on - I just found a bit about derived from and version, ok... ANd about
charset/level... are these NULL because neither of them is used by the HTML
parser (as stated in Library/User/Using/MIME.html)? Would it be very
difficult to extract them, seeing as you are getting content_type anyway?

ANy help much appreciated,