RE: I've improved news support - is anyone interested?

Hi Henrik

> > Recently I noted that the library doesn't have a good News support. Especially 
> > presenting message and newsgroup lists to the user isn't handled very well. 
> > So... I have added some of the lacking features to my copy of the library. 
> This is great! I am _very_ interested. Yes - the News module never got 
> finished... Have you also implemented news posting? 

Unfortunately not. I haven't implemented a full-blown newsreader support.
There is still a lot of work to do for other library "improvers".

> If you have some patches then I can put them up on our server.

I've made a lot of changes. I think that I should send you complete HTNewsLs.*
and HTNDir.c files. Stupid question: how to send them? uuencoded? MIME
attachment? Does your mail system truncate long lines?

There are also changes in some other files, but here we've got an additional 
problem. The version of the library I'm using is my own derivative and the majority
of the files come from the 4.0 alpha releases (HTNewsLs.* and HTNDir.* are
from 4.0D however). The only big change outside HTNewsLs and HTNDir is
the HTParseTime function, the rest of modifications are small patches.
Please tell me what method of sending these modifications you prefer.

Oh, one more problem.
The modified HTNDir module is capable of presenting the news articles in
reference threads. For this it uses nested UL lists. As far as I know, the HTML.c
module doesn't support nested lists (my HTML module supports them, but it is
a far derivative from the original module and I can't give you a simple patch with 
the support for nested lists).
How to solve this problem?

Best regards

Maciej Puzio