16 bit windows apps

I have not tried to compile libwww for 16 bit Windows DLLs or static 
libraries. We thought that having it compile into 32 bit libraries would 
allow developers to use Win32s to write to Windows 3.1 platforms. I do, 
however, get a lot of www-lib and personnal mail about compiling libwww 
into native 16 bit libraries. I would like to coordinate these efforts.

The first step is to get everybody on www-lib to send me mail if they 
have, or are trying to, compile for 16 bit windows. Please send me:

achievements (what you got to compile and work):
socialist altruism (how much code you are willing to share):

I will probably set up a page to coordinate these efforts, and, if there 
is a lot of interest, look into porting the library to 16 bit so that it 
will work out of the box.

thanks for your help and input,