How can I POST form-data


I have been trying to use the library libwww and in relation to that I have a couple of questions. 

I have an application in which I need to submit a HTML form to retrieve some document. Instead of actually filling the form I need to send the data to the query server through a command. For that I tried to use the Command Line Tool to send form data by appending query string to the URL but it didn't work.This was tried with a form using GET method. 

In case of a form using POST method, I tried sending the data(name-value string) from a local file using -post and -dest options. It seems the data gets posted but I can not retrieve any document as a result of that query. Could you tell me how this( POSTing the query string and getting the HTML document as a result of the query) can be done ?    

Thanks for your time.

Poonam Mehtani.